Iconic Dishes That You Would Find In A Langar
Image Credit: Dal Makhani

As a child, whenever I went to gurudwara, I looked forward to having the feast on the langar. Even now, I wait to taste these delicacies as they bring a sense of nostalgia to me. This may be the story of many people out there. Those who visit Gurudwara pretty often know about some iconic and scrumptious delicacies you find there. So, let us take a nostalgic drive and see what are those dishes. Have a look! 

Kadha Prashad 

Even if you have visited or not visited a Gurudwara, you must know what kadha prashad is. Not only on Gurupurab or other special days but this sweet is a staple offering at every Gurudwara every single day. Made with wheat, lots of ghee, sugar, and water, this halwa has a sense of love and warmth. You get kadha prashad in your hands and the leftover ghee on your palms is the best moisturizer you are going to have! Those who know, know! 

                                                     Image credits: Youtube

Dal Makhani 

We all have a special love for langar wali dal. This tastier version of dal makhani has urad dal, chana dal, and sometimes rajma beans. This dal is cooked for hours on low heat with love and is almost every time available in Gurudwaras for us. 

Aloo Gobhi 

Aloo gobhi is our next-door vegetable and we cannot deny this. The tastiest avatar of this sabji is served at gurudwaras more often. The sabji is not always dry but it also has a little gravy so that it can be eaten with rice also. It tastes absolutely yummy and you just cannot get enough of it. 


Punjabi kadhi is anyway very famous and the one in Gurudwara tastes like heaven. Made with dahi and besan, it has onion fritters dunked inside it, making it even more delicious and lip-smacking. It goes best with steamed rice, kadhi chawal is a staple diet for more than half of the North Indians. Right?


Kheer needs no introduction and it already has so many fans around the world. Made with rice, milk, and sugar, this sweet rice pudding is often served as a dessert in Gurudwara and it tastes so good. Maybe it is the love and warmth with which it is served. 

You may also get other dishes like chole, Sindhi dal, samosas, or jalebis, but the delicacies mentioned above tends to remain a common sight. Apart from offering delicious food, langar has much more. It teaches us hospitality and humanity which is quite a requirement in today's time, isn't it? 

Let us know if you have any other dish that needs to be on the list!