Hydration To Immunity, 7 Benefits Of Eating Ice Apples In Summer
Image Credit: Fresh ice apples, CulinarilyYours@Facebook

Tender palm fruit, also known as ice apple, is an exotic fruit that grows abundantly throughout the summer. Indians refer to it by a variety of names depending on where they're from: 'tadgola' in Maharashtra, 'taal saans' in West Bengal, 'nungu' in Tamil Nadu, and 'munjaal' in different regions. During the summer months, ice apples are a typical summertime snack. Your hunt for a refreshing and healthy treat to enjoy this summer ends at the humble ice apple. Eating ice apples has several advantages, including their role as a great water source and excess fat reduction. 

Flavour profile

The texture of this superfood resembles that of litchis. The jelly-like interior meat has a faint coconut flavour after the outer layer is peeled away.

Keeps Hydrated

Sugar palm fruit is a cooling fruit that is great for hydration, making it one of its most prized attributes. Extreme heat and dehydration are common problems throughout the summer. Consuming ice apples is a natural way to help someone stay hydrated.

Quenches Thirst

In the sweltering heat of summer, thirst is a typical complaint. Experts recommend eating water-rich meals in addition to drinking water for optimal health. The ice apple, or nungu, contains salt and potassium minerals that aid in fluid regulation and slake thirst.

Treats Digestive Issues

Constipation, nausea, and bloating are often thought to be healed by eating ice apples on a daily basis. This fruit's plant-based components help treat digestive disorders.

Juicy ice apples, Image Source: Mangalore City@Twitter

Enhances Liver Function

Summer's scorching temperatures are a common cause of gastrointestinal distress. The liver benefits from a diet rich in ice apples. The high potassium content of ice apples is one of its most recognised health benefits. Hence, it can be used to correct hepatic abnormalities. This fruit also has the ability to flush our system clean of harmful substances. This means it may be an option for those looking to cleanse their livers and improve their liver health.

Beneficial to Skin

The positive effect ice apple has on skin care is well-known. The fruit is beneficial for skin care because of its high levels of antioxidants. For an instant, all-natural hydration, apply the ice apple peel directly over your skin. Rashes on the skin are widespread during the summer months. Rubbing the skin of an ice apple over the affected region can calm the skin and remove any infection. 

Helps You Shed Pounds

There are few calories and many beneficial nutrients in an ice apple. People who are having difficulty losing weight will benefit from this. This fruit's high water content makes it ideal for suppressing hunger, reducing food cravings, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Enhances Defence Mechanisms

Our immune systems are weakened by the seasonal shift and the high ambient temperatures. The potential of an ice apple to strengthen the immune system is one of its most notable qualities. As a result, incorporating palm fruit into your diet can have profound effects.


Peeling and eating ice apples in their natural state is the simplest method to integrate them into your diet. It's also cheap and convenient to obtain. Be careful not to gorge on ice apples. Sometimes this might cause health problems.