Hyderabadi Fried Chicken Recipe, The Special Wedding Snack
Image Credit: Image used for representative purpose. Image courtesy: savouryandsweetfood.com

There are two hallmarks of a great Fried Chicken, and every true-blue foodie is familiar with them. Firstly, the Fried Chicken has to be absolutely crispy-crunchy on the outside. Every bite into a Fried Chicken worth its name is like a Mukbang video because the crunch factor leads to ASMR like nothing else can. Secondly, the Fried Chicken has to be absolutely tender and juicy inside. No dried out, over-fried chicken can compare with the perfection that is a good Fried Chicken. 

Keeping these essentials in mind, here’s a Fried Chicken recipe that’s not just worth its name but also extremely popular: Hyderabadi Fried Chicken. This Fried Chicken variety from the royal city is also known as Hyderabadi Wedding Fried Chicken because it is served at every traditional Hyderabadi wedding. The dish is quite spicy and ridiculously crunchy, which is why it is celebrated as one of the most popular Hyderabadi wedding dishes. But while Hyderabadi Fried Chicken is a must at weddings, it is also found in abundance on the city’s streets. 

At weddings, Hyderabadi Fried Chicken is prepared with the most expensive cuts of the chicken—the legs and thighs. On the streets, this very Fried Chicken is made with both the expensive cuts as well as the cheaper cuts. You may also find Hyderabadi Fried Chicken nuggets with certain street food vendors, because chicken nuggets are now very popular as a fast food. But whether served on the streets or at weddings, or even on special occasions at home, this Hyderabadi Fried Chicken is a must have. The dish is relatively easy to prepare and is bound to turn any ordinary meal into a feast through its mere presence. Don’t believe us? Here’s the easy-peasy recipe for you to try out today. 

Image used for representative purpose. Image courtesy: savouryandsweetfood.com


½ kg chicken leg and thigh pieces 

2 tbsp ginger garlic paste 

1 tsp red chilli powder 

1 tsp black pepper powder 

1 tbsp garam masala 

1 tsp green chilli sauce 

1 tsp red chilli sauce 

2 tsp lemon juice 

2 tbsp gram flour or besan 

2 tsp tomato sauce or ketchup 

1 egg white 

¼ tsp baking soda 

Salt, to taste 

½ cup flour 

¼ cup cornflour 

Oil, for frying 


1. Place the washed, cleaned and dried chicken pieces in a large bowl. 

2. Add ginger garlic paste, red chilli powder, black pepper powder, garam masala, green chilli sauce, red chilli sauce, tomato sauce, lemon juice and egg white. 

3. Now add the gram flour and baking soda. 

4. Add the salt, but with caution as all the ready-made sauces will have salt too. 

5. Mix everything well and let the chicken marinate for 2-3 hours or overnight in a refrigerator.  

6. Take the marinated chicken out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature. 

7. Meanwhile, place the flour and cornflour in a bowl, add salt and mix well. 

8. Heat oil in a wok to fry the chicken. 

9. Now, take each chicken pieces, place it on the flour mix and coat it well. 

10. Brush off any excess flour, then put the chicken piece in the hot oil. 

11. Fry until the chicken pieces are golden brown and crispy. 

12. Serve hot with onions and chutneys.