Hrithik And His Rumoured Girlfriend Gorge On Onam Sadya For Lunch
Image Credit: Instagram

Festivities or not food always plays an important part. Food plays an important role in bonding too and this was clearly seen at Sunday Kerala style lunch at home that Hrithik Roshan and Saba Azad enjoyed.

This Sunday, Hrithik and his family were seen enjoying a whole well laid plate of Onam Sadya along with his rumoured girlfriend Saba Azad  for lunch. Nair on Fire, the Kerala homestyle cuisine catering service took care of the meal at his place. Both dressed in casuals, it looked the whole family enjoyed the meal.

While caption of one post read ‘Special Sunday Sadya’ , another said, “When someone is so particular about what and how and why of serving Kerala food as Saba Azad, the benchmarks are also pretty high!!! Heartwarming to see such love for Mallu food and it was a fun, slightly anxious (you can make that out from our crazy hair) and supremely rewarding afternoon.”

Saba was also seen thanking the guys in the comments “You guys made our Sunday, bless you.” Along with a heart emoji.

For the uninitiated Onam Sadya is that festive meal that one get to relish during Onam. Onakkodis, boat races and the and gifts along this huge spread that’s laid makes Onam special. Churning out old literatures, you get to know interesting stories as to what and why is served during Onam. Sadya in itself means in Malayalam. This elaborate traditional feast served on a plantain leaf sees all tastes of a palate from sweet, sour, salty, spicy which are served through various dishes. The plate also sees lot of local ingredients like  yam, jaggery, banana and more.

The 26 dishes that the plate sees is Upperi (the humble banana chips) Ellisheri (mix dish with pumpkin, red beans and grated coconut), Pulissery (curd mixed with vegetable be it pumpkin, beans etc and topped with grated coconut), Thenga Choru ( coconut rice), Pachadi (yogurt based dish made with beetroot or pineapple), Avial (another mix veg with grated coconut and cooked in coconut oil and milk), Paal Payasam (sweet rice pudding)  ,Rasam (spicy soup) , Kadala Curry (curry made with black chickpeas coconut and spices), Papad (papad makes Sadya complete), Kalan Kerala Curry (made with buttermilk, mustard seeds, coconut and raw bananas), Ulli Theeyal (made with shallots and cooked in roasted coconut gravy), Chenna Mezhkkupuratti (yam cut into thin slices, boiled and fried in coconut oil), Thoran (made either with cabbage and carrots or just beans along with some grated coconut), Chor (Rice), Kaalan, Morru Kachiyatha, Kootu Curry, Neyy, Inji Thayir, Sharkara Varatti (banana chips with Jaggery), Parripu Curry (made plain moong dal topped with some ghee, red chillies, and black sesame), Inji Thayir (dish that’s sees ginger, yogurt, and sesame) Sambhar (lentil stew made with vegetables), Palada Pradhaman (a dessert made with milk, dry fruits, and rice ada).

So this Onam don’t forget to dig into the goodness of this grand feast.