Kitchen organizing is an art! One generally thinks organizing the stuff is usually storing or collecting items, but is not limited to this only. If you think a little smartly, you can space out your kitchen and be left with much space. One such space is the sides of the cabinet. Of course, you always keep the stuff inside it, but what about their sides? Do you know that the cabinet sides can be of great use to you? Especially if you have a small kitchen with a lot of stuff, you must also use the sides of the kitchen cabinet. So, here are five great ideas to use the sides of the kitchen cabinet.

  1. Build A Cookbook Magazine Rack: If you are very fond of cooking and always want to cook something new, you will indeed have a cookbook in your kitchen. However, instead of keeping them around, make a magazine rack on the side of the kitchen cabinet, making it easy to organize and equally good to look at.
  2. Use The Towel Bar: This is also a good idea to use up the sides of the kitchen cabinet. First, you fix the towel bars on the sides of the cabinet. After this, you can hang the kitchen towels etc. Apart from this, you can also hang kitchen herbs in some hanging planters making your kitchen decor beautiful.
  3. Build Side Open Shelf: If you want to use the sides maximum, you should switch to open shelves. The advantage of this would be that apart from crockery, you can keep small plants and many other items in it. In addition, this will increase the space in your kitchen and make organization easier.
  4. Install Vegetable Rack: If your kitchen cabinet is a little bigger, you can hang a vegetable rack there. Apart from fruits and vegetables, keeping spices and canned food is also good. Choose the size of the stand according to the usage of your side rack.
  5. Hook Up: If you do not want to make any changes to the sides of the kitchen cabinet, then it is better to put hooks there. With this, you can easily hang your pot, pan and many other items. So, isn't this a great idea?

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