4 Easy Ways To Use Leftover Shahi Paneer
Image Credit: How To Use Leftover Shahi Paneer?

What did you do with leftover Shahi Paneer? Most of you must have reheated and consumed it with rice or chapati! But what else? Did you know an ample number of ways to re-use your leftover shahi paneer to make it even more delicious? Keeping food sustainability in mind, we dream of a kitchen where nothing is wasted, and even your wasted food can be reused again. So let us tell you how uniquely you can reuse the leftover shahi paneer. 

Shahi Paneer Sandwich 

If you want to make a sandwich with a shahi paneer, you must first separate the paneer from the gravy and divide it into small pieces. Now take the bread, put paneer chunks and some gravy/sauce in it, now close it by placing another slice of bread on it. You can make Shahi paneer sandwich in two ways. After filling the paneer in it, you can roast it on a hot pan or grill it in a toaster. This will make the sandwich crunchier. 

Shahi Paneer Pakodas 

Leftover shahi paneer? Fry some pakodas out of it. Put shahi paneer in a bowl, add gram flour to it and mix well. Make a thick paste. Now put oil in a pan, heat it, take a little paste from the bowl and put it in the hot oil. When it starts to turn slightly golden, fry it nicely in the oil. This will make the pakoras crispier. When the pakodas are entirely golden brown, take them out from oil. Shahi paneer pakoras are ready. 

Shahi Paneer Samosa 

Making shahi paneer samosa is also easy! The way you knead the stiff dough of maida for samosa, you can roll it in the same way. Then make it triangular, stuff shahi paneer in it and seal the samosa dough well. After filling the shahi paneer in the samosa dough, heat the oil in a pan and deep fry all the samosas in it one by one. Your samosas are ready!

Shahi Paneer Paratha 

You can make parathas with shahi paneer. People often reheat the shahi paneer and eat it with roti or rice, but you can dry its gravy and make it a shahi parantha. You can make shahi paneer paratha in two ways. Firstly, by thickening the sauce/gravy of shahi paneer, filling it in flour and make stuffed paratha. Secondly, you can knead the shahi paneer by adding flour and then make a paratha of both.