7 Ways To Recreate Delicious Meals From Cooked Cottage Cheese

It's an ingenious way to use leftover paneer to make tasty, fast dinners and cut down on food waste. It's simple to use paneer in a variety of recipes, including salads, stir-fries, sandwiches, wraps, and curries. To add extra protein and a rich, creamy texture to your favourite recipes, just crumble or cube the leftover paneer. This keeps no ingredient from going to waste and saves you time when preparing meals. It also makes meals tasty and filling. You can quickly prepare delicious meals and get the most out of your ingredients when you use leftover paneer.

The following is a list of ways to use leftover paneer:

1. Paneer Paratha: 

Leftover paneer gives this Paneer Paratha a wonderfully savoury and creamy flavour. Crumble the paneer and combine it with chilly powder, coriander, and cumin. Roll out the whole wheat dough, stuff the contents inside, and cook the parathas on a griddle until they are crispy and brown. Savour the hearty and filling dish while it's still hot and top with a dab of butter, yoghurt, or pickle for extra flavour.

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2. Paneer Bhurji:

A riot of flavours, paneer bhurji is prepared using leftover paneer! The tomatoes, onions, and seasonings like chilli powder, cumin, and turmeric all combine well with the crumbled paneer. It makes a tasty dinner when served with fluffy parathas or warm chapatis. This meal is satisfying and soothing because of the way the softness of paneer combines with the warmth of spices and the tanginess of tomatoes. It's an easy recipe that will make a tasty lunch or dinner that will definitely satisfy your palate!

3. Paneer Tikki Wrap:

Made with leftover paneer, paneer tikki wraps are a flavour explosion! Garam masala, cumin, and coriander are some of the aromatic spices that give the crispy paneer tikkis a delicious kick. They offer the ideal blend of textures and flavours when paired with crunchy vegetables, creamy yoghurt, and tangy mint chutney, all wrapped up in soft, warm tortillas. It's a tasty dinner that will satisfy the appetites of all ages!

4. Paneer Stir-Fry:

Warm rotis or steamed rice go well with paneer stir-fry, a tasty and easy meal cooked with leftover paneer. An enticing fusion of textures and flavours is produced when the crispy paneer cubes are sautéed with onions, bell peppers, and a mixture of spices, including cumin, turmeric, and chilli powder. This easy supper recipe turns leftovers into a delicious meal that's perfect for a filling lunch or dinner. It's quick and gratifying.

5. Paneer Pulao:

Using leftover paneer to make paneer pulao is a tasty way to repurpose resources and make a satisfying supper. Tender paneer cubes give the dish a rich, creamy texture that goes well with fragrant basmati rice and heady spices like cardamom, cumin, and bay leaves. Serve it with a side of tart mint chutney or cool cucumber raita for a full and satisfying meal that will definitely tempt your taste buds.

6. Paneer Sandwich:

Made with leftover paneer, a paneer sandwich is a tasty and simple treat to prepare. With its rich and creamy texture, the leftover paneer goes well with a spicy concoction of cumin, coriander, and a dash of chilly powder for an extra burst of flavour. This sandwich, which is a lovely combination of spices and textures and is served with spicy mint chutney on the side, is a filling snack or light lunch. It is made using layers of toasted bread.

7. Paneer Salad:

A riot of flavours and textures can be found in paneer salad, prepared with leftover paneer. A smoky and savoury aspect is added by the paneer, which is marinated in spicy spices and grilled to perfection. Crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, and a zesty dressing come together to provide a dish that is both filling and refreshing. Present it alongside warm garlic naan or enjoy it as a light lunch on its own for a delightfully simple and delectable meal!