Kitchen Tips: How To Ripen Raw Papaya Naturally At Home?
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Even though mango and watermelon are favourite summertime fruits, papaya is considered a superfood. If you eat papaya regularly, it can benefit your health in many ways. Even the seeds of this fruit are deemed suitable for your health. Many people also consume it to overcome digestion and liver problems. But today, we are not telling you the benefits of eating papaya. Instead, we will tell you some tricks of ripening raw papaya at home without using chemicals. The taste of this home-ripened papaya will also be precisely like the papaya bought from the market and will benefit health.

Carbide ripened papaya

You can also ripen papaya even with carbide, a substance in which mango, banana, vine etc., are also ripened. The high heat present in it helps in ripening any fruit quickly. For this:

  • Put papaya in a box along with carbide.
  • After keeping these two, cover the container and keep it in some corner for one to two days.
  • After two days, you will see papaya ripe.

Use rice

With the help of rice, you can quickly ripen raw papaya. For this:

  • First of all, wrap the papaya well on some paper.
  • After wrapping it in a paper, press it about three to four inches deep in the rice box and leave it for two days.
  • After two days, you will see that papaya is cooked perfectly.

Keep in mind to avoid opening the rice box where you kept papaya.

Use newspaper

Similarly, you can also use newspapers for ripening raw papaya. For this:

  • Make a newspaper envelope, put a carbide pinch with papaya, and keep it in any house corner.
  • With this, your papaya will be ready to eat in just two days.

Use hay or pallet

You must have seen pallets in many fruit boxes. Many people keep the grass in a wooden box at the bottom, save papaya, and close the pack with grass. Let us tell you that even under this medium, papaya gets ripened quickly and tastes delicious.