Kitchen Hacks: How To Ripen Chikoo Faster?
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Chikoo fruit is very sweet, tasty, full of qualities and looks like a potato. It's the best fruit for the skin, beneficial for health and keeps the body energetic due to high glucose. But, getting these benefits is only possible when the chikoo is ripened freshly instead of chemicals. Hence to avoid chemical-rich chikoo, ripen it at home quickly and naturally. Today with this article, we'll tell you some tips, by which you can do the same.

  1. Use paper box: Yes, you can quickly ripe raw chikoo at home through a paper box, i.e. carton box. First, cut about 200 grams of paper in a small size in the box. After cutting the paper, put half of it in the box and spread it. After applying, place the chikoo on top of it, keep the remaining paper cuttings on top of the chikoo, and pack the box well. In about two to three days, the chikoo will get quickly ripe and ready by this process.
  2. Ripe through rice: The easiest way to quickly and naturally ripe fruit is to use rice. Yes, for this, first of all, wrap the chikoo well in some paper. After this, press it 2-3 inches inside the rice sack or can. After this, close the bag or the box well. Chikoo will get quickly ripe and ready in about two to three days. Keep in mind that do not open the rice sack or box again and again in the meantime.
  3. Use carbide: You can quickly ripe chikoo through carbide. For this, keep the chikoo in a box, tie one to two spoons of carbide in a cotton cloth, and keep it in the box. Now keep this box someplace for 48 hours and cover it with a sack or plastic. Within 48 hours, you will see that the chikoo is ready.