Got Burnt Food At Home? Here Are 4 Ways To Reuse it
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What would be your answer if asked what you do with burnt food? Perhaps, you'll say, 'I throw it away without thinking much over time'. But what if I tell you that there are many ways you can reuse burnt food instead of throwing it out? What will be your answer? Let us tell you that instead of throwing away burnt rice, vegetables, bread etc., you can easily use it in many household works. So, let's know about it closely.

  • Use burnt bread like this: Usually, bread burns while roasting. But if you throw it away thinking it is useless, you are probably making a mistake. You can also use it to clean utensils. Perhaps, you know that people wash utensils with a heap of ashes even today in villages. Similarly, you can make ashes from burnt bread. Put the bread in the mixer, grind it finely, and take it out in a vessel. Now put one to two salt spoons in it and clean the vessel. This will make the dishes shine.
  • Make compost from burnt rice: Most people throw away burnt food in the garbage can. However, instead of throwing it away, you can use it as a fertiliser in such a situation. For this, spread the burnt rice or vegetable on a cloth and let it dry thoroughly in the sun for some time. After drying, add some soil to it, mix it well and put it in the plant. This dramatically increases the growth of the plant. In this way, you can create organic manure at home.
  • Driveaway insects with the help of burnt food: Instead of throwing the burnt food away, you can also use it to drive away insects from the garden. Put burnt bread or tea leaves in a mixer, grind them well, and keep it dry in the sun for a few hours. Next, add two teaspoons of baking soda and mix it well. After mixing baking soda, sprinkle this ash around the leaves and root of the plant.
  • Use it as bird food: Do you know you can also use it? For example, if the rice is burnt, you can keep it on the terrace or other places. Besides, burnt food like bread, tea leaves, vegetables and pulses, etc., can also be used as food for birds. If you have an aquarium at home, you can also crush burnt bread to make bait for fish. kitchen hacks