5 Easy Hacks to Prevent Vegetables From Turning Brown
Image Credit: thekitchn.com

You must have noticed that some vegetables turn brown after being cut. For example, when you cut brinjal and keep it aside, you will see that it has become brown after some time. Hence, we often keep vegetables in the fridge after cutting to avoid spoilage. But can vegetables turning brown be prevented? Today, we'll tell you some tips with which you can save your vegetables.

  • Use vinegar: Using vinegar, you can prevent vegetables from browning. For example, you must have noticed that a slight darkening starts appearing in the vegetables after being cut for some time. In such a situation, if you mix one to two spoons of vinegar in a vessel and, after cutting the vegetable, pour it with this water and prevent them from browning.
  • Use cold water: With the help of cold water, vegetables can also be prevented from turning brown. For this, take out one or two bottles of water from the fridge, pour it in a vessel and keep the cut vegetables in this water. Let us tell you that vegetables remain fresh for about four to five hours.

  • Use bags: If you have to cut vegetables and are afraid of turning brown, you should use bags. For this, wrap the cut vegetables in a paper bag or wrap them well on paper. Cover it in a way so that air cannot get inside it. You can also use an airtight plastic container for this.
  • Use lemon: After cutting jackfruit, many shopkeepers apply lemon juice (on the cut side) to prevent browning. Similarly, you can also use lemon to keep other vegetables from browning. But, again, you can keep them like this for a few hours comfortably.
  • Use salt: With the help of salt, you can easily remove the browning of vegetables. For this, prepare a solution of salt and water. Now put chopped vegetables in it. You can also sprinkle salt on top after cutting.