6 Ways To Prevent Overeating During Valentine Week
Image Credit: Freepik.com

Are you already binge eating your Valentine week candies? If so, you're not alone. Many studies indicate that 90% of people love to consume the whole candy box in one go. So, stop feeling guilty about bingeing on food, as I think it’s the nastiest thing you can do to yourself. Instead, let’s concentrate on the ways to prevent yourself from doing it again. Follow these tips to stop yourself from overeating:

  1. Be focused while eating: Even though this sounds strange, it is entirely true. In 2013, 24 different studies were reviewed, in which the same conclusion came out. If people spend more time at their dining table, they will eat more. This is because people do many things while eating and do not pay attention to the food. Therefore, if there is less distraction while eating, more attention will be given to food, and the chances of binge eating will decrease.
  2. Eat a diet full of fibre and protein: Try to eat food rich in fibre and protein to replenish the body's nutrients. For example, eat whole wheat or grain oatmeal with beans, lentils, vegetables and dry fruits. You can count the calories of your day and if you are taking 2,000 calories in a day, keep the amount of 25 grams of fibre and 25 grams of protein.
  3. Try slow eating: According to many global studies, people who eat slowly have a lower body mass index (BMI). Those who eat slowly take small meals, which signals the brain that the stomach is full now. You can also take long breaths while eating food to become a little slow.
  4. Take less food on the plate: You should know how much you need to eat. Research by the CDC showed that people who take more food on their plates often eat more food. In this case, their calorie intake is high. If you feel hungry later, refill it, but if you eat more in one go, it will cause overeating.
  5. Wisely handle your hunger pangs: You will surely eat more food if you are starving. Don't wait until you are too hungry. Eat only as much food as you need. Consuming more than that will not be suitable for you. For this, you can also divide the quantity of your food and avoid delay as this increases overeating.
  6. Stay away from snacks: If snacks or candies are seen repeatedly while opening the fridge or cupboard, you will only be more tempted to eat them. If you wish to prevent this, keep the sweets away.