Kitchen Hacks: How To Prevent Fruits And Veggies From Turning Black?
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“Mommy, when you peeled the banana, it was white, but it turned blackish after a few minutes. Why?” Perhaps, your child must have asked you this question at one point or the other. This question must have crossed our minds too - why do raw bananas and brinjals turn black so quickly? The answer is when you peel bananas or eggplant, the colour changes due to phenolic compounds' oxidation under the action of polyphenol oxidase. But how to overcome this problem? Here are five tips that can easily save raw vegetables from turning black:

Use Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is the best remedy to reduce the blackness of any vegetable and keep it fresh. 

  1. Mix water and lemon juice in a vessel
  2. After preparing the solution, put the chopped raw banana and brinjal
  3. One to two minutes later, the blackness of raw bananas and brinjal will disappear

Many people also use this tip to get rid of the blackness of jackfruit.

Use Sweet Soda

Do you add sweet soda to your recipes? If yes, this ingredient has various other uses too. For example, sweet soda removes the blackness of chopped raw vegetables. 

  1. Prepare a solution by mixing sweet soda in water
  2. Dip the chopped vegetable in this water

This will remove the blackness of the vegetable easily.

Use Vinegar

You can also save raw vegetables from turning black with the help of vinegar. Yes, only two to three drops of it are enough to prevent raw bananas and brinjal from turning black. 

  1. Put water and vinegar in a vessel and mix them.
  2. Then, put the vegetable in this water after you cut them

Similarly, vinegar can be used to protect other vegetables too.

In addition to these three tips, many people also use alum to remove the blackness of raw bananas and brinjal. But it's also believed that the use of alum may be harmful to health.