How To Make Vegetable Soup; Tips, Tricks And Easy Recipe Inside

A comforting bowl of soup is the perfect answer to winter chills. There’s nothing better than wrapping our hands around a piping hot bowl of soup and curl up in a blanket on a cold winter evening. The best part is that soups are versatile and can easily be made to suit anything from a quick lunch or a light dinner. It all depends on the ingredients you choose to make it all the more nutritious and wholesome. It can be an interesting dish for kids too once you combine rice or noodles, a complete one-pot meal, don’t you think? 

A bowl of delicious soup not only soothes our minds but also keeps our bodies warm and cozy from inside. And if you are someone who loves the light crunch of veggies in your soup, then there’s nothing like a delicious and wholesome bowl of vegetable soup for you. A perfect vegetable soup is that which has a certain amount of saltiness and a fluid-texture. As per many experts, vegetable soups are an easy way to get vitamins and minerals from vegetables into the body. Besides, they are super easy to digest, hence can be consumed by people of all ages. Here are tips to remember before you start cooking the perfect vegetable soup: 

1. Avoid straining

A strained soup will be free of all fiber. So in order to retain some fiber in your bowl of soup, avoid straining it. 

2. A good stock

A good soup is based on good stock – a flavored liquid preparation which adds texture and depth to soups, sauces, stews and braises. You can make a large batch of it at home in advance. 

3. Ingredients 

Soups are preferred across all seasons, but what should be kept in mind is to use seasonal produce. So while in summer season clear stock with lighter veggies and base should be the key, winter season calls for thick, slow-cooked soup filled with seasonal produce such as beetroot, carrot, sweet potato or pumpkin. 

Now if you are wondering how exactly to go about a vegetable soup, we’ve got a perfect recipe right here

The recipe is packed with tomatoes, mushrooms, carrots, corn, beans, peas and zucchini along with a host of herbs and spices lending a tang. Loaded with chunky veggies and tons of flavour, this vegetable soup is hard to resist. 

Try it at home and share your experience with us.