How To Make The Creamiest Milk Dalia: 3 Tips And Tricks You Must Know
Image Credit: Instagram Image By @raginisinghwdn

Slurping on a piping hot bowl of dalia, especially during the winter season, is one of the most satisfying feelings in the world. Doesn't that sound true? Dalia is a must-have dish in winters because the nutritional value that a bowl of dalia holds makes it essential to include in our diet. Apart from this, dalia is also one of those dishes that help keep us warm and hearty. The indulgent taste and its admirable benefits are just another pros that makes it tremendously popular among every Indian household. In fact, at my house, it has become a tradition for years where our whole family gets together on weekdays and joyfully devours a bowl of dalia for breakfast—feeling tempted to enjoy it over the upcoming weekend? Here are the tips and tricks you must have been impatiently waiting for. Please give them a quick read, and don’t forget to incorporate them while cooking. 

1. Take care of milk consistency

One important thing you must look into while cooking is the contensitensy of the milk. Always make sure you don’t add too much milk; otherwise, it will screw up your homemade daliya. Extra milk can make your daliya taste bland and sometimes awful. 

2. Use good quality broken wheat

Dalya is all about the palatable taste of broken wheat. This is why you must always use good quality cracked wheat to make your daliya with. Want the perfect nutty flavour in your daliya? This is the tip to remember. 

3. Add Jaggery to enhance the taste

Have you ever tried gud daliya? Adding jaggery while whipping up dalia at home is undoubtedly the best ingredient you can think of adding without a doubt. Jaggery enhances the taste and flavours and adds a healthy touch to it. So we highly recommend that the next time you plan to make daliya at home for your family, try making it with jaggery. 

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