How To Make Tangy Banana Chutney At Home
Image Credit: Banana chutney/ Instagram- curryandvanilla16

Banana chutney is a quick recipe for delicious chutney made with leftover ripe bananas. This khatti meethi kele ki saunth goes nicely as a dip with appetisers as well as a side dish with ajwain paratha, poori, roti, or rice and pulao. When drizzled over cooled dahivadas, it tastes amazing. Ginger and mint leaves must be added to the chutney as it enhances its flavour and provides a tangy touch. Banana chutney is a great way to incorporate bananas into your daily diet with a burst of different flavours. Bananas are highly beneficial fruits.


Bananas appear to be healthy for your stomach as well. The yellow fruit has probiotics in it. These are the beneficial microorganisms in your stomach. Additionally, there is proof that probiotics can lessen the bothersome diarrhoea that some people experience after taking antibiotics.

Rich source of fibre

It goes without saying that including the correct quantity of fibre in your diet is beneficial. There is 3 gm of fibre in a ripe banana of average size. That is roughly 10% of your daily requirements. The majority of the fibre in bananas is soluble fibre. It can reduce inflammation and help you maintain healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

Energy Booster

Glucose, fructose, and sucrose are the three forms of sugar that makeup bananas. Fructose and glucose are swiftly absorbed into the bloodstream and provide you with a surge of energy right away. Contrarily, sucrose absorbs gradually, maintaining steady blood sugar levels that never abruptly peak and fall.



1. 4 Ripe bananas

2.  Green chillies

3. 1 tsp Ginger

4. 3 tbsp Sugar

5. 3 tbsp Lemon juice

6. 1/2 tsp Pink Salt

7. 3/4 tsp Red chilli powder

8. 1/2 tsp Roasted cumin powder

9. 3.5 tbsp Mint leaves


1. Slice the banana skin into medium-thick pieces after peeling.

2. Clean mint leaves and carefully cut green chillies.

3. Add the slices of banana, sugar, lemon juice, all the spices, ginger, green chile, and mint leaves to a bowl.

4. Mix everything and close the lid so that the sugar is completely melted and the banana slices have absorbed the flavours.

5. Refrigerate the chutney for a few hours and serve it as a condiment with parantha, rotis and rice.