How To Make Sundried Tomatoes At Home?
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There are various tomato preparations. Although these fruits from vines are typically eaten fresh, such as in salads, pizza, or sandwiches, they can also be consumed dehydrated. Sun-dried tomatoes are a speciality of the Mediterranean. During the summer, Italians spread salt-seasoned tomato slices out on warm porcelain rooftops. They are kept in olive oil to ensure their longevity throughout the dormant winter months.

What are sundried tomatoes?

Tomatoes that have been dried out in the sun, in a dehydrator or in an oven are known as sun-dried tomatoes. Tomatoes shrink as they are dried, losing 90% of their weight due to water loss. Sun-dried tomatoes are used as a chewy, acidic, and sweet garnish on salads and pasta.

Different ways of making them-

In Sunlight

The traditional method of drying tomatoes, as they once were on the rooftops of southern Italy, involves exposure to the sun. It takes at least a few days to dry out more slowly. There is less control over their habitat; direct sunlight, intense heat, and low humidity are required to get them just right. It's worth trying this original method by halving them, pouring salt over them, and covering them with cheesecloth if you have the time, place, and ideal circumstances (without letting it touch the tomatoes.) They must be brought inside for the night.


Similar to a slow cooker, a food dehydrator dries tomatoes with little to no assistance. Just six hours remain till they are prepared. Compared to sun-drying tomatoes, a dehydrator set to 135 F takes far less time.

In an Oven

The oven is a hassle-free technique that uses a regulated device that most people have access to. Depending on your desired consistency and texture, dry the tomatoes in the oven at a temperature of 250 F for 3 to 6 hours. They will get more leathery the longer they bake.

Here's how you can make sundried tomatoes at home in the oven-

1. Any variety of tomatoes will work, but smaller ones, like cherry or grape tomatoes, will dry out more quickly because they have less water. Ensure that you utilise plenty. One pound of sun-dried tomatoes can be made from 20 pounds after drying.

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2. Dry off the tomatoes after a short rinse. Next, cut them. Cut tomatoes in half if they are smaller. Cut larger ones in lengthwise or circular slices. Eliminate the liquid and seeds.

3. Put the tomato slices on a rack that lifts them off the cookie sheet or a baking pan lined with parchment paper, and cut side down. By drying the tomatoes on a rack simultaneously, you can skip flipping them over while they cook.

4. Slices can be combined with herbs and olive oil in a bowl for extra flavour.

5. The tomatoes should be cooked for 2.5 hours at 250 F. Any remaining liquid should be pressed using a spatula. Turn them around. Bake for a further two hours or until dry, flipping as necessary. They will become chewy as they dry longer.

6. Tomatoes should be allowed to cool to room temperature. They can be placed in a Ziploc freezer bag, preserved in the freezer, or kept in the refrigerator in an airtight container. Before using them once more, they need to be soaked in warm water. The option with the most flavour is to place them in a mason jar with olive oil on top. If desired, include herbs and garlic cloves.