French desserts are admired worldwide for their heavenly taste, flavours and decadent texture. Souffle is a soft, fluffy, airy, sensational French dessert worth all the hype. It is a delicious egg-based dish from France in the 18th century. One of its remarkable features that makes it unique from every other dessert is how it turns overly puffy and fluffy after it is baked. A typical souffle is whipped using egg yolk, egg whites, sugar, flour, and chocolate. Nail the art of making this French dessert at home with the help of our three fool-proof tips and tricks.

Whisk the egg whites until you notice soft peaks

Beating the egg whites properly with the right consistency is the simplest way to ace this French. Egg whites provide the lift or puffiness and the ultimate texture one looks for in their homemade souffle. Ensure to continuously whisk the egg whites until you notice soft peaks over the top. 

Always coat your homemade souffle 

There are numerous methods to coat your souffle before baking it. What and how to coat it depends on making a sweet or a savoury version. Sugar is the best ingredient to coat it with if you make a sweet version. In the case of a savoury one, you can cover it with any cheese and even some breadcrumbs. Most baking masters believe that coating allows the souffle to rise quickly. 

Get the suitable souffle dish

Before making this dessert at home, you first need to have a suitable souffle dish for baking. Next, you should select a round baking vessel that is cylindrical. Traditionally, souffles are made in ramekin bowls. Ramekin bowls are round, cylindrical dishes that have a fluted exterior.

Grease the baking vessel with butter 

Whenever you are baking any dish, greasing the vessel is always necessary. Always coat your ramekin or baking vessel with a thin layer of butter from all sides to prevent the souffle from sticking.

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