Follow These Tips To Make Soft And Spongy Cake At Home
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Whenever I bake a cake at home, it often turns out hard. The desired spongy and soft cakes that we get in the market are difficult to attain when baked at home. However, if some things are taken care of, we will probably be able to bake a soft cake at home too. It can be easily made in a pressure cooker, an oven or a microwave. There are many cake-making tricks to help you prepare spongy and soft cakes even with limited ingredients. However, let us understand that making a cake requires a lot of time, so prepare a list of ingredients beforehand whenever baking a cake. On the other hand, if you are baking a cake for the first time, definitely follow the tips given below. 

Ingredients should be at room temperature: The first thing is to check the ingredients before baking the cake. If you miss any ingredients, your cake will not be as desired. So ensure that the ingredients are in front of you and well prepared. Apart from this, all the ingredients you will use to make the cake should be at room temperature. For example, if you use vanilla essence or curd to make a cake, do not use it just after taking it out of the fridge.

Cake tin set: Set the cake tin before preparing the batter. With this, you can save time and give the perfect shape to the cake. Some people use butter paper before pouring the batter into the cake tin, but you can add flour if you don’t have one. For this, first spread the butter with the help of a brush in the cake tin and then pour the flour on top. Finally, apply the flour entirely to the tin so that the shape of the cake gets perfect.

Mixing the ingredients: Pay special attention to when and how to put which ingredients in the cake. Moreover, the ingredients take time to mix, so use a mixer to blend the butter and sugar. Enjoy the cake making process. Also, throw in only as many things as necessary. If you prepare the batter for baking the cake, whisk it slowly because later it can affect the cake’s texture (when in a hurry).

Milk is necessary to make a spongy cake: Milk is an essential ingredient if you want the cake to look spongy. Add milk while preparing the batter. It is very thick but should be fresh and at room temperature. Stale or refrigerated milk can spoil the texture of your cake. Apart from milk, all the ingredients you use to make the cake should also be genuine. Don't use packaged or stored ingredients in the fridge, as these can spoil rather than enhance the taste.

Don’t forget to preheat the oven:

  1. Once the cake batter is ready, let it preheat before placing it.
  2. Leave the oven to preheat while you are preparing the batter. You can also try this process with a pressure cooker or microwave.
  3. When it is preheated, keep the cake batter for baking.
  4. Don’t check by opening the oven again and again while baking the cake. This can spoil the cake’s texture, and it would not cook well.

If you are making a cake at home, follow the above tips.