How To Make Shakkarpara: Tips To Ace This Beloved Indian Snack
Image Credit: Picture credits: Instagram Image By @masalakorb

Shakkarpara is one of the most loved snacks that has reserved a special place in our hearts for a long time. It is a crispy, flavourful and wholesome snack that is prepared by rolling and shaping the dough into bite-sized pieces that are fried and then tossed up in a gooey sugar syrup. Talking about this scrumptious snack takes us down memory lane. Back in the good old days when processed snacks weren't around, Indian snacks truly meant the world to us. Sadly, with branded snacks taking over the world, we have almost forgotten the significance of handmade snacks crafted with lots of love and effort. If you haven’t tried preparing shakkarpara yet, don’t miss out on this exciting chance to make them now. Pick these three tips and get started.

Knead A Soft Yet Firm Dough 

Kneading a dough is the first and foremost step in the making of shakkarpara. Always knead a firm dough that is neither too soft nor too thick. While kneading, add water carefully as you might end up with a sticky dough.  However, in such a case you can always add more flour to get back to the previous consistency.  

Cut The Dough In Any Desired Shape 

Shakkarpara can be made and given any shape and size according to the cubes. It is now available in different shapes in the market. They are generally available in diamond shape, but you can also find them in cubes. So it's up to you to decide the shape and size of your homemade shakkarpara.

Fry In Ghee Until Brown

Shakkarpare can be fried in either oil or ghee. Most people prefer frying them in ghee over oil, because ghee is much healthier than refined oil. Besides this, the flavour of ghee and the texture it adds on to any dish makes it an excellent choice for frying. If you have been frying your shakkarpara in oil, it is time to swap it with ghee. 

Toss Shakkarpara In Sugar Syrup 

Make a sugar syrup of two-string consistency using water and sugar for dipping the shakkarpara into it. This is always done towards the end of the recipe. Right after the sugar syrup reaches the desired consistency, pour the shakkarpara into a pan and toss them well until the sugar syrup coats all over them. Don’t leave them dipped in sugar syrup for long as they might turn soggy. Remember to toss them in batches if you are making loads of it.   

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