How To Make Scones: 3 Tips And Tricks To Ace It At Home

Scone is a type of crumbly pastry that hailed from Scotland. They are traditionally made using wheat or oatmeal, baking powder and baked on sheet pans after glazing with an egg wash. A plate of freshly baked scones is generally accompanied by tea or coffee. At present, scones are eaten and admired in many parts of the world. It is believed that scones when they were born in Scotland, were originally round and flat and were baked on a griddle instead of an oven. Years after, baking powder became available to the masses, and scones became the oven-baked, well-leavened items we know today. Scones can be sweet and savoury, depending on the ingredients to whim them up. Making scones is not challenging, and it's usually the ingredients that play a vital role in the preparation. We've gathered some tricks to nail it with perfection at home. 

Remember to use baking powder

As you know, the baking powder acts as a prime ingredient while baking any bread or dessert; the same goes for scones. However, in the case of scones, the baking powder acts as a leavening agent. Once the dough is made and the scones are shaped, they are generally kept aside for some time before baking. Thus, for your scones to rise and puff up after baking, it is necessary to use baking powder. 

Flavour it with nuts and raisins 

Always keep a bowl of loads of fresh and luscious nuts and raisins to add up in the dough while kneading it. Adding nuts and fruits will give your scones a fruity flavour. 

Leave the scones to chill before baking 

Once the scones are shaped, they are generally left to chill in a refrigerator allowing the dough to develop its flavours. They are refrigerated because the melting of butter is avoided while making scones.

Could you give it a glaze? 

You can glaze your scones by brushing the top with egg wash before baking them. Also, the same can be done after they are baked. Finally, you can decorate your baked scones by glazing or topping them with caramel, chocolate sauce or any other sauce you like. 

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