How To Make Sabudana Dosa
Image Credit: sabudana dosa/ instagram- spice_n_tradition

The nine-day Navratri fast often concludes on Ashtami or Navratri. People frequently eat fried and sugary meals while fasting, making the fast harmful. Eat more fruits, vegetables, and healthful dishes like this Sabudana Dosa. To prepare a dosa batter, you only need sabudana, Samak rice, curd, and salt. This batter can be utilised to produce some incredibly tasty dosas. Sabudana Dosa is a hearty dish that is high in carbohydrates and will provide you with enough energy to last throughout a fast. For a healthy combination, serve the dosas with coconut chutney. You may have this delicious Sabudana Dosa any day of the week, not only during this festive fasting. This Navratri, you needn't have to wait for the fast to get over. You can enjoy delicious dosa at home only. It is a quick recipe and can be paired with boiled aloo sabzi. Start your day with this crispy dosa, and enjoy your fast!

Here are some benefits of Sabudana

1. Enhances digestion

2. Increase in bone and joint strength

3. High in fibre and protein

4. Good energy source

5. Brings down blood pressure

6. Regulates blood sugar levels


1. 1 cup sago or tapioca pearls

2. 2 tablespoon yoghurt (curd)

3. 1/2 cup Samak chawal

4. salt as required

sabudana dosa/

Soak Samak rice for about 30 minutes and sabudana for four hours.

For Batter

Transfer sabudana/sago, samark rice, curd, and some water into a blender. Create a thick paste by blending. To change the consistency, add additional water and combine once more.

Season with salt

In a bowl, pour the batter. The consistency should be somewhat thinner. Salt to taste and whisk vigorously after adding.

Make dosa

A tawa is heated to medium heat. Now add two tablespoons of water and two drops of oil to a non-stick tawa. Wipe it lightly with a muslin towel. Spread a thin layer of batter on the tawa using two ladles of batter and circular motions.

Ready to be served

The Sabudana Dosa is prepared for serving when it is brown and crispy on both sides.