How To Make Risotto; 5 Tips To Ace This Delicious Italian Dish

Attention all Italian food lovers. Look, what we have brought for you - a mouth-watering Italian dish, popularly known as risotto. It’s a scrumptious rice dish cooked with broth until it reaches a rich and creamy consistency. Risotto can also be made with plenty of herbs, cheese, butter and a drizzle of wine. Unlike other rice dishes, risotto requires constant care and attention. It is typically cooked in a standard method with the right amount of ingredients after measuring. We are here to help you prepare the dish at home, like a pro! If you are in the mood for Italian tonight, make it traditional Italian style. Here are five tips to make risotto.

Good Quality Rice Is The Key 

Making risotto with the right type of rice is important in order to achieve the ultimate creamy texture it is known for. Rice, being the primary component of the dish, forms a base for it. Usually, white rice with high starch is used for making risotto. So, make sure to pick good-quality rice and do not pre-rinse, boil or drain it. 

Don’t Add Too Much Stock 

Add the stock slowly and in small amounts. You can use any stock as per your choice. Be careful while making the dish and avoid adding too much stock. Keep checking for the overall consistency of the dish and add the stock only once the water absorbs it and there seems to be a need for more. 

Give It A Constant Stir 

While adding the boiled stock to rice, stir constantly for a while. The constant stirring forces the grains to rub against each other and release the starch from the outside of the grains into the surrounding liquid. This eventually helps in creating a smooth and creamy texture as desired. 

Cook Until It Reaches A Creamy Consistency

The most important tip is to cook with patience and utmost care. Always cook risotto until you notice a creamy consistency. Once cooked, the rice generally becomes fluffy and silky. 

Garnish With Cheese 

After the dish is cooked, garnish it with cheese and a drizzle of olive oil. Make it as rich and creamy as possible so that it looks pleasing to the eye. 

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