How To Make Restaurant-Style Palak Paneer; Easy Tips And Tricks

Palak paneer is a well-known North Indian curry that is made with blanched palak and fresh cubes of paneer that are doused in thick gravy. Cooking palak paneer begins with first boiling and pureeing spinach. The puree is then mixed with sauteed tomatoes, onions and bite-sized cubes of paneer. This mouth-watering curry is typically spiced with loads of spices and Indian masalas. A piping hot bowl of palak paneer is always served and paired with hot roti or naan. Don’t you agree that home-cooked food tends to be simply more delightful and unique? It’s your time to impress your loved ones by making the most delicious palak paneer at home. Here are some tips and tricks you must know.

1. Use fresh palak/ Spinach

The name of the dish itself suggests that it is made with two prime ingredients that is palak and paneer. This makes it essential that one uses fresh and tender palak/ spinach. Get a fresh stock of spinach and make sure to rinse it with water before you go any further.

Try to use best quality of paneer

2. Ensure you get the perfect consistency of the gravy

Getting the right consistency of the gravy plays the biggest role. Your gravy must be thick yet smooth so be careful while adding water. If by mistake your gravy is too thin then thicken it by adding more cubes of paneer to it than usual. Remember this step if you want restaurant-like palak paneer at home.

3. Drizzle cream over the top

Once your dish is ready, garnish it with fresh cream. Drizzle the cream all over the pan before serving it. This will make your palak paneer taste extra delicious and creamy. Using cream also helps in highlighting the texture of your curry and will ultimately give it a perfect finishing.

That’s all you need to know. Tap here to check out the full recipe for making perfectly delicious palak paneer at home.