The list of vegetarian starters goes incomplete without chilli honey potato. Honey chilli potato is a lip-smacking Indo-Chinese dish that is crispy, flavorful and delicious enough to get anyone drooling with its tantalizing taste. Being a popular starter of all all-time, it is one of the simplest dishes to make. The cooking process begins with slicing the potatoes into pieces, coating them with sauces and honey, frying it in oil and finishing it off with an extra dash of honey and sesame seeds sprinkled over the top. Are you craving it already? Sate your hunger by making crispy and flavorful honey chilli potato in a restaurant-style at home. We bring you some tricks that'll help you ace it. 

Use fresh and natural honey 

Whenever you make honey chilli potato at home, always make sure you use fresh and natural honey. Using raw honey of premium quality will give your dish a superior taste, texture, and finishing.

Keep loads of sauces for coating 

Besides honey, you need to spice up this dish with piquant sauces as well. You can use soy sauce, mustard or any other chilli sauce that you like. You can also drizzle some tomato sauce to bring out tangy flavours if you want. 

Fry in oil on low-medium flame

Always fry the potato wedges or fingers on a low medium flame in a pan. Saute it slowly and keep stirring until all the sauces coat well. If you make them on a high flame, there are chances you might burn or over fry them, which won’t lead to crispness.  

Sprinkle sesame seeds over the top

Once your dish is ready, sprinkle a handful of roasted sesame seeds over the top before taking it out of the pan. Combine it with the other ingredients and leave it in the pan for a few minutes. Have you ever noticed that every restaurant-style chilli honey potato is coated with sesame seeds? Please do the same while making it at home, as sesame adds a zing of unbeatable taste and flavours.

It’s time to check out a complete recipe for making this mouth-watering starter at home.