How To Make Poha, And Give It A Tangy Tomato Twist
Image Credit: Image credit: Instagram @foodiescookinglove

The other day when I asked my colleagues that I won’t be able to join the con call as I had to prepare the breakfast myself, she kindly covered for me. Post the call, when she asked me why did I prepare eventually, “poha and chai”, I replied. “Oh nice, what else could you have prepared so quickly, anyway”, she stated. While she did have a strong point, but I couldn’t help but wonder, how even if I had a little more time that day, I would have still opted for this classic breakfast over anything else. For when poha cravings hit, you do nothing but surrender.  

For the unversed, poha is a mild snack made with flattened rice flakes, tossed with spices and veggies. Poha is so widely popular among Indians, that it has many regional avatars. If the Indoris like to throw in some sev on top, or have it with gravy (tari), in Maharashtra, Kanda Poha rules the roost, where Kanda is a local word for onions. Finely chopped onions are sprinkled on top, in generous quantity for a pungent kick. Just like dosa, idli and paratha, poha is a breakfast favourite among many, for reasons aplenty. The massive scope it gives you to experiment is one of the reasons why I adore poha so much. Don’t like it the classic way, no problem, spruce it up. In this tomato poha recipe that we stumbled upon, poha gets a scrumptiously tangy makeover. You can garnish it with coriander leaves and lemon juice for an additional burst of freshness.