How To Make Patties: 3 Tips And Tricks To Follow
Image Credit: Picture credits: @instagram- hamari.foodie.kismat

Talk about a kid's favourite snack, and you already know that it’s none other than samosa, burger, patties and more. The list is undoubtedly never-ending, but out of all, patties is the one that most people like but find it tough to make by themselves. Indeed, making patties can sometimes be a bit complicated and time-consuming, especially when it’s your first time. However, the result sums up our efforts, and it all seems worth it at last. As usual, we're always here to help you out so you can now make patties effortlessly at home using our hacks. Check out three tips and tips that can help you get the tastiest patties at home. Here are a few you must know

1. Use butter generously

There’s always a need to use loads of butter while making patties. As you know, patties are usually soft and buttery from the inside due to the generous use of butter. You are required to spread butter all over the dough while rolling it evenly. We hope you follow this tip and use loads of butter in the most courteous manner possible.  

2. Keep the dough aside for resting

Kneading a soft dough is necessary to get soft yet crispy patties at home. After kneading the dough, the next step is to keep it aside for resting. Let it rest for at most an hour for better results. 

3. Don’t overfill the stuffing

Are you using potatoes for stuffing? Take care that you don’t overfill the filling; otherwise, it might break. Overloading can also cause your patties to become soggy instead of being soft yet crispy. Whatever you are stuffing it with, make sure you don’t use excess and fill it sufficiently. 

4. You can choose baking over frying 

There're 2 choices available to us for making pattie. It's either you can fry or bake them in the oven. Whichever method you are comfortable with, go ahead with the same. However, if you want to avoid eating oily patties, you can choose to bake. 

Before we end, here is the full recipe we want you to check out and give a shot at home.