How To Make Pasta: Tips To Make The Perfect Bowl Each Time
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

Pasta might be an Italian dish, but let’s just agree that it has made its way to our hearts and how. A bowl full of piping hot pasta topped with molten cheese oozing along with flavourful seasoning is bound to make your heart flutter. A one-pot dish that can be delicious and wholesome at the same time, pasta is a comfort food for many. 

To be honest, I can eat pasta for days together and yet it won’t be enough. Yes, it may sound cheesy but so is the dish and it comes with so much variety after all! Only heard of spaghetti, macaroni, penne and ravioli? There are over 600 pasta shapes across the globe? Then comes the types of sauces – red, white, mixed and pesto. You can actually experiment with pasta to your heart’s content. And that’s what I usually do. I don’t stick to a recipe and keep on adding different ingredients each time I make myself a bowl of pasta. 

It’s all about time and precision when it comes to cooking the perfect bowl of pasta at home. It’s al dente; one needs to factor in many things. Your cooked pasta should neither be mushy nor too chewy. So, if you’ve tried and tested pasta way too many times, and are close to giving up trying to cook a perfect bowl, fret not. Here are a few tricks to help you make a delicious bowl of pasta each time. 

Image: Pixabay

1. Use A Large Pan 

No matter which pasta shape you are using, always cook it in a large-sized pan. Pasta requires enough space to move during the boiling process. Besides this, it also tends to expand when cooking. If the pan is too small, the pasta will not move freely while boiling and will end up sticking to the bottom or sides of the utensils. 

2. Add Salt While Boiling 

While boiling the pasta, make sure to add salt. Not only does it prevent the pasta from sticking, it also adds a whole lot of flavour while boiling. 

3. Keep Stirring 

Another crucial step to follow while making pasta is to keep stirring. Make sure that you’re stirring it on regular intervals, as it will keep the pasta away from clumping at bay. 

4. Pasta Water 

The leftover pasta water can be great for the flavour of your final dish. Not only does it go well with the sauces, this water can also prevent the pasta from being too dry. Make sure the sauce is well-coated in the pasta water. The starchiness of the water seems to also bind the sauce well. 

Now that you know the hacks, try this easy vegetarian pasta recipe at home. Let us know how it comes out.