This 2-Ingredient Banana Pancake Recipe Will Change Your Life
Image Credit: Pixabay

For someone who takes a lot of pride in her baking skills (that only picked up during lockdown), I have to admit that my first few attempts at making pancakes were a total disaster. I would wreck the batter completely. It would either be too thick or thin and never perfect, then when I got the batter somewhat correct, may pan was not adequately greased. And when I tried adding heaps of butter to the pan, the batter would start to swim in the pan and end up being a weird crepe no one asked for. To cut the long story short, making pancakes is an ‘easy’ affair, only if you know the right recipe, tips and tricks.

Some Tips To Keep In Mind:

  1. Mix the batter, make sure there are no lumps.
  2. Do not overmix, this would lead to a lot of aur entering the batter, it could also lead to harder pancakes.
  3. Make sure you rest the batter for 15-30 minutes.
  4. Baking powder helps pancake rise, but too much of it could lead to tighter pancakes.
  5. Mix in the egg whites later, this will help you fold the pancake batter better, and lead to very fluffy pancakes.  

In case you have no patience for separating the whites from the yolks and mixing and waiting. Then here’s an easy, 2-ingredient recipe of Banana pancake that you will thank us for life.  

When you have banana, you have little else to worry about. It works as a great substitute for flour in a pancake, its natural sweetness ensures you do not need a lot of sugar either.  

For binding, the recipe requires some eggs, other than that, all you need to do is mash some bananas, add a honey or maple syrup as required and pour this instant batter onto a hot pan. And you have it, your own, banana pancake without the fuss of whisking a batter, dry ingredients, wet ingredients and all that jazz.

With this recipe in hand, you have absolutely no excuse to skip breakfast. It is fast, easy, efficient and so healthy too. With no ounce of flour or sugar, the pancakes help save you a lot of carbs and calories.  

Here is a detailed recipe of 2-ingredient banana pancake, try it and we are sure it will become your go-to recipe in no time.