How To Make Macarons: 4 Tips And Tricks To Make Bakery-Style Macarons At Home

Macaron is one of the most sumptuous desserts in the world. It is a sweet meringue-based confection that is prepared with egg white, icing sugar, granulated sugar and drops of food coloring. Macaroons may be one of the most grueling desserts to make but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to handcraft it all by yourself. There are two methods by which macaroons are generally prepared. One is the Italian style and the other one is the French method. Both the methods are similar in nature and differ slightly. The ingredients used in both the cases remain the same. Getting imperfect macarons with a poor taste, texture and appearance is the last thing you want. Isn’t that right? Worry not and get ready to master the art of making scrumptious macarons with us. We are about to disclose some of the best tips and tricks that are easy to remember as well as effective.  Here are 5 hacks you need to follow:

1. Beat egg whites to a meringue-like consistency

Getting the right consistency plays the biggest role in the complete process of making macarons. You need to whisk and beat the egg whites until a stiff-peak meringue is formed. Following this step religiously can result in obtaining desired taste and texture of baked macaroons.

2. Remember to fold the final batter continuously

The next trick is to whip and fold till the right consistency is achieved. Keep whipping and folding the batter from one direction to the other until it appears smooth, fluffy and thick. Make sure that there are no bubbles. 

3. Choose your food coloring wisely

Picking out and using the best food coloring to mix with the rest of the ingredients is quite important. Just like cakes, gel food paste is the ideal one for macaroons too. 

4. Always pipe slowly and carefully

Never rush while piping the batter on a baking tray before putting them in an oven. You must do it slowly and carefully with utmost care. Avoid rushing while piping otherwise there are high chances that you may ruin the final shape and texture of your homemade macarons.  

Check out the full recipe for making macarons at home by tapping here.