How To Make Kulcha At Home: Ace It With 3 Easy Tricks
Image Credit: Picture credits: Instagram Image By @ama_odiafood

Indian cuisine is replete with a wide variety of Indian flatbreads that reflect the country’s diverse culture and traditional food habits. Among those, kulcha comes across as one of the most delicious and loved. Kulcha is a type of mildly leavened flatbread, which is consumed across the country. It is prepared by making a spongy dough which is rolled and then baked or pan-fried until it turns soft yet crispy. Some of the key ingredients used for making this flatbread are maida, water, yeast and pinch of salt. Most of us feel that making kulchas is challenging and troublesome. That stands true only until you don’t know the right steps and ingredients for making it. Here are three pro tips for easy cooking:  

Use Curd To Soften The Dough

The dough for khulas is supposed to be soft, spongy and rubbery. In order to achieve this texture, you can use curd instead of water while kneading the dough. If the dough seems tight, curd can help tenderise and smoothen it. Along with curd, you can also use milk for bringing out the softness. Thus, both curd and milk can be used in replace of water. 

Always Leave The Dough To Rise

Once the dough is ready, cover it with a wet cloth and let it stand for an hour or so in a warm place. This is done so that the dough rises. Proofing helps the dough to become soft and get the desired texture. It is important for the dough to rise, otherwise your kulchas won’t turn out fluffy.  

Stuffing Is A Great Option

Nowadays, you will find that stuffed kulchas are becoming more popular. That’s because stuffed kulchas are generally more fulfilling and flavorful than plain ones. Stuffing adds a whole new texture and deliciousness to the kulchas. There are many delicious ways you can stuff your kulchas. Mostly, it is stuffed with paneer, onions, cheese, potatoes and other vegetables. Besides these fillings, you can toss it up with whatever you like. Remember to stuff them while rolling and shaping the kulchas. 

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