How To Make KFC-Style Fried Chicken At Home

Let’s just agree that a juicy, succulent and crispy fried chicken is a chicken lover's dream. Just picture of a couple of chicken chunks laced in spices and fried till crisp and perfect. The crunchy exterior crust of fried chicken, which cracks open at the first bite into a melange of spicy flavours, along the juicy meat is a delight one can’t explain. Moreover, it is just the perfect dish for everything from picnics, game nights to a quick meal on a lazy weekend. While there are many restaurants that serve drool-worthy fried chicken, KFC is one fast-food chain we can never get enough of.  

But do we always need to order when sudden fried chicken cravings hit us? Can we not make it at home, KFC-style? If you think it is impossible, we are here to show how it is not that tough a feat. There’s no denying that dipping the KFC-style fried chicken in a smoky sauce is an experience beyond heaven, and while the exact secret recipe of the fast-food chain is something we would never know, there might be chances we could get something similar it at home.  

Marinated in a pool of spices including ginger-garlic and turmeric along with curd and lemon, the chicken in the recipe needs at least 3-4 hours for the spices to settle in and make it tender and soft. You can always experiment a little with the spices. Post which, all you need is to mix the chicken with seasonings, cornstarch, buttermilk and egg white, coat the chicken wings with breadcrumbs, and deep-fry till perfect crisp!  

To make it crispier, let the breadcrumbs rest on the pieces for at least 10 minutes before deep-frying. Serve it hot with a barbecue sauce!

Find the full recipe of KFC-style fried chicken at home. Try it and let us know your experience!