How To Make Keema Naan For A Meaty Weekend Feast
Image Credit: Naan is a leavened bread

After what felt like the most tiring week in a while, we are headed towards the weekend. In India, most families reserve the weekend for their best chicken and mutton delicacies. Since you have more time on hand, you can finally experiment with all those recipes you have bookmarked over the week and put your cooking chops to good use. If you haven’t thought about your piece de resistance, no problem. We have got just the right recipe that will satiate all your meaty cravings, and also be a nice departure from your regular butter chickens and mutton curries. This keema naan recipe has indulgence written all over it and here is a recipe so easy that you wouldn’t prefer eating your naans any other way, after eating this.

Naan, as we all know is a leavened bread that gets is renowned for its stretchy texture. The softness of naan is another quality that often appeals to people who do not quite appreciate the crispiness of parathas. Naan is often enjoyed with our decadent curries, but what if we rule out the need for curries altogether by stuffing our naans with all things juicy, meaty and succulent? That is exactly what this naan recipe is all about.

This naan is made with maida or all-purpose flour, but if you want it to be a tad healthier, you can mix it in some wheat flour too. For the filling, you will require ground lamb, garlic, red chili powder, chopped veggies, onions, cumin seeds, lemon, cumin seeds, coriander powder, and freshly chopped coriander.

Cook the filling in a pan on medium flame and let it cool, then stuff your naan with the filling, roll it flat and cook again, This recipe is much easier than you think and can take your weekend feast to another level.

Here’s the recipe.