How To Make Gajak: 3 Easy Tips And Tricks To Ace This Indian Dessert At Home
Image Credit: Picture Credits: Instagram Image By @atulmaharaj

Gajak is a well-known Indian dessert eaten mainly during winter and festivals. They are a must-have in winters as consuming loads of gajaks can keep our spirits warm and act as an immunity booster. This healthy dry sweet is prepared using good quality sesame seeds, jaggery and crunchy peanuts. All the ingredients are cooked in sugar syrup and then set into a thin layer. Gajal can be stored in a container for months and lasts longer than most Indian desserts. It’s Makar Sankranti today so let the festivities begin with a decadent bite of homemade gajak. Have you made gajak yet? If not, here are some helpful tips and tricks you can consider. 

Roast the sesame seeds until brown

The first step, to begin with, is roasting the sesame seeds in a pan. You don’t have to use oil, dry roast them in a pan without oil on low-medium flame. You must roast for about 10-15 minutes until it turns slightly brown. 

Make a thick sugar syrup mixture

Once you are done roasting the seeds, you have to prepare a thick sugar syrup using sugar, water and jaggery. The jaggery you have chosen must be of good quality and always remember to cut it into small cubes before adding it into a pan. Boil the sugar syrup in the pan on high flame until all the ingredients dissolve in the water. The final consistency of your mixture must be thick and change its colour. 

Shape and cut well

Transfer the mixture to a plate while it is hot. Grease your hands with oil and once it turns slightly gooey, stretch it for at least 5-10 minutes. Once you're done with this, cover it thoroughly with sesame seeds. Then, using a roller/ belan, beat this dough, shape it into a square and cut it into pieces as you desire. 

Check out this detailed recipe to make delicious gajak at home in a fuss-free manner.