Ace The Perfect Egg Fried Rice With These Tips

There are no rules when it comes to comfort food, comfort food is one dish that can soothe you at any given point of the day, it may or may not evoke nostalgia; and for some reason, my ‘ideal comfort food’ would always feature a portion of rice. From biryani, to khichdi to curd rice I would lap up to these dishes without much coaxing. Another dish that I absolutely adore is the fried rice. While it is a common idea that ‘Fried rice’ is Chinese in origin, frying rice with veggies and sauces on high flame is a fairly Asian phenomenon. Across Asia, in countries like Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia too, you would find many varieties of fried rice. The best part about fried rice is that it is a very forgiving recipe, it is absolutely okay if you do not have exotic elements like basil and kefir lime, for you can always whip up magic with whatever little is available in your pantry. Take, for instance, this egg-fried rice. It is simple, effortless and just everyone’s favourite.

All you need to do to make this classic is stir fry scrambled eggs, spring onions, spices, sauces, garlic and rice over high heat and you are done. It is also an exceptional way to use up leftover rice. Here are some tips that will help ensure you make the best egg-fried rice.  

  1. It is a good idea to use day-old rice or leftover rice as the starch reduces and it is easier to fry and work with.  
  2. Whether you are using leftover or fresh rice, try to use long-grain white rice.
  3. Along with scrambled eggs, do not shy away from using a range of vegetables. Be very careful of cuts, try to use finely chopped veggies as and where you can, they help retain the crunch, and make the fried rice texturally rich.
  4. Add ginger and garlic to the pan only when the oil is hot, followed by all colourful veggies and corns. Then break an egg inside the pan and scramble everything together.  
  5. Every step needs to be carried out in fairly quick succession since the cooking is mostly done on high heat.

Here is the complete step-by-step recipe that will help you ace the classic dish at home.