How To Make French Fries; 3 Ways That The World Eats Their French Fries
Image Credit: From steak fries to tornado twists, you can try a variety of french fries.

I clearly recall how the frozen french fries advertisements on television would lure kids and their parents into making these thin-sliced potatoes as a quick snack to satiate evening hunger pangs. Usually, a mother would be shown troubled during the TVC and the appearance of XYZ brand of french fries seemed to solve all her problems. The visual of potatoes being deep-fried in oil and attaining a mellow yellowish hue that is crispy made our hearts drool at least once. Then there are Indian mothers, who usually love cooking at home, trying all kinds of restaurant-like dishes in their home kitchen. That happened with the french fries as well. 

Honestly, for this one, we aren’t complaining. All you had to do was slice the potatoes in a fine manner and then douse them in some cornstarch before frying them in piping hot oil. Dusted off with some table salt, the french fries are served with a side of tomato ketchup and/or mayonnaise. Although the humble vegetable, potato and the idea of frying it into a snack was termed as french fries, is there anything really French about its origins? The historical tale tells us otherwise. The most plausible theory in this regard suggests that these french fries have a Belgian connection. Settled on the coast of River Muese, the villagers of the surrounding Belgian village ate fried fish as a staple food. However, the winter season frozen their river and acted as an obstruction in fetching fish during this period. That’s when potatoes started being fried just like fish and eaten. 

A method of sustenance at one point of time would became a sensational snack of today is something no one had ever imagined. The spread of the french fries to the rest of the world began when Americans chanced upon this potato delicacy during World War 1. Since Southern Belgium mostly spoke French, it was natural that the fries started being called French fries. While this is one side of the coin, there are other stories which claim that these potato fries are truly a French invention. 

With so much talk about french fries, it would be unfair to let you go without a tasty takeaway. Here are some interesting ways to eat your french fries. 

1.  Garlic-Lemon Curly Fries 

Give your elongated, thin fries a twisty makeover with these curly fries. Baked instead of fried, like your regular french fries, these curly fries are nothing but twisty-shaped potatoes. Tossed in lemon, garlic and parmesan cheese, these curly fries are a heavenly treat with a creamy dip. 

2.  Steak Fries In Oven

This is another baked version of fries with a slightly different cut. The french fries served with a steak usually have a thick and larger cut of potato and the skin is kept on. These are then seasoned with paprika and relished with a tangy and creamy dip. 

3.  Tornado Potatoes 

Just like a chaotic tornado, the potatoes are sliced such that they can be spiraled onto a skewer and baked to perfection. Pick one at a time but it might be hard to resist.