How To Make Crispy Tikki With Bread? Delish Breakfast Recipe Inside
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Isn’t the weather just ideal for picnics and brunches? How long have we waited for the sun to shine brighter, for the days to be warmer, for the breeze to be gentler, right? Now that the harsh winters have finally paved way for pleasant spring, nothing can stop us from indulging. Not even our scanty pantry. There are a number of iconic breakfast recipes which you can prepare with a handful of everyday ingredients like bread, from cutlets to bread rolls to tikki, there are options galore.  

Tikki is an Indian flat patty that can be made with various ingredients, the most common being aloo. An Aloo tikki can be an elaborate one, like you find on Indian streets, where a potato patty is stuffed with a spicy mixture of more potatoes, chickpeas and chillies. This Aloo Tikki is often served with a smattering of beaten yogurt and sweet and spicy chutneys and a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds. Aloo tikki is one of the crown jewels of Indian street food, and cane be made at home too with much fewer ingredients, it may vary a bit from the tikkis of streets, but in terms of flavour and texture they are inferior to nothing

The ease with which you can make these tikkis, has made it one of our most beloved breakfast recipes, and now since, it is the season of brunches, we are finding ourselves gravitating towards this recipe every so often. To make this recipe you would only be requiring some boiled potatoes, two slices of bread, green chillies, coriander leaves, red chilli powder and salt.  

Before we share the recipe with you, here are some tips you may like to keep in mind.

  • Prepare the mixture first with boiled potatoes (make sure it is drained), salt, green chillies, cilantro, red chillies etc and keep it aside.  
  • Since it is difficult to work with crumbly bread, dip the slices in water and squeeze the excess water and then mix it with the potato mixture.
  • Mix well, grease your palms and pull out chunks and shape the tikkis. Heat some oil in a pan and deep-fry it.  

Serve the tikkis hot with green chutney or ketchup.

Here is the step-by-step recipe you can try soon. Do let us know how you liked the tikkis. You can even serve them as a side dish to your dal and chawal.