Take Couscous From Boring To Bomb With These Hacks

There's a sad reality about the existence of couscous. It's that grain that always seems to be lurking in the back of your pantry, waiting to be used but never quite making it into your meal plan. Maybe it's because it doesn't have the same dependability as rice or the trendy appeal of quinoa. But really, couscous is like the unsung hero of the grain world. It's quick, versatile, and can be used in a variety of dishes. Plus, when prepared properly, it can be downright delicious. So let's give couscous the love it deserves and explore why it should be used more in our meals.

If you’re being fastidious, couscous isn’t really a grain at all, it’s small, granular pasta made from durum wheat semolina, a hard wheat that is high in protein and gluten. It is a staple of North African cuisine, particularly in Morocco, where it is often served with stewed meat or vegetables. Couscous has become increasingly popular in other parts of the world as well, thanks to its ease of preparation and versatility.

One of the reasons couscous can seem bland and tasteless when not cooked correctly is that it is often prepared with just plain water, which doesn't add any additional flavour to the dish. Additionally, some people may overcook the couscous, causing it to become mushy and lose its texture. When prepared properly, however, couscous can be a delicious and nutritious addition to any meal.

Couscous is a good source of carbohydrates, fibre, and protein, making it a healthy and filling option. It is also low in fat and calories, which makes it a great choice for those watching their weight. Additionally, couscous is easy to prepare, requiring just a few minutes of cooking time and a few simple ingredients.

Replace The Water

One way to add flavour is to use broth or stock instead of water when cooking the couscous. This will infuse the couscous with additional flavour and make it more savoury. 

Add Aromatics

Another option is to add herbs and spices to the couscous. Fresh herbs like parsley, cilantro, and mint can add a bright, fresh taste to the dish, while spices like cumin, coriander, and smoked paprika can add depth and complexity.

Toast The Couscous

Toasting the couscous before cooking is another way to add flavour. To do this, simply heat a dry pan over medium heat and add the couscous, stirring frequently until it becomes fragrant and lightly browned. Be careful not to burn the couscous, as this will result in a bitter taste.

Add Veggies

Mixing in vegetables is another great way to add flavour to couscous. Roasted bell peppers, sautéed onions, and grilled zucchini are just a few examples of vegetables that pair well with couscous. Not only do these add flavour, but they also add colour and nutrition to the dish.

Add Texture

You could mix in dried fruits like apricots or raisins for a sweet and savoury flavour, or add nuts like almonds or pine nuts for a crunchy texture.