Let’s admit it, the love for chocolate in the hearts of chocolate lovers is irreplaceable. A big bar of chocolate is enough to make our days better. The smooth, gooey and chocolatey delights are enough to tug at our heartstrings instantly. But this indulgence becomes difficult when you are trying to cut out processed foods from your diet. So, to save you from preservatives and extra sugar here’s a quick homemade chocolate recipe you can try.


• 2 cups cocoa powder

• ¾ cups butter

• ½ cup sugar

• 2/3 cup milk

• ½ teaspoon flour

• Water


1. Add cocoa powder and butter to a food processor or whisk it manually to form a smooth paste. Transfer the paste to a bowl.

2. Fill 1/4th of a pan with water and heat it. Place the bowl with the cocoa mixture in the pan and heat until it's hot enough.

3. Add the hot mixture to the food processor and whisk it till it's smooth.

4. Pour milk into a pan and heat it till it's at room temperature.

5. Add flour and sugar to the cocoa paste and mix well to combine. Now, gradually add the milk to bring it to a batter consistency. Mix the batter well so that it doesn’t have any lumps.

6. Pour this chocolate mixture into chocolate moulds and store it in the fridge till it solidifies.

7. Take them out of the moulds, top with your favourite sauces/garnishes and relish!

Takeaway Tips

1. You can add some nuts or crackles to the chocolate mixture to add a crunch to it.

2. You can also add a tablespoon of peanut butter to the mixture to make it smoother and pack in flavours.

3. You can top the chocolates with some dried berries and mint leaves for flavour.

Do try this recipe to make chocolate at home and let us know how you like them.