How To Make Chicken Lollipops: 3 Best Tips And Tricks You Must Know

One of the best appetizers that come from Indo-Chinese cuisine is inarguably the chicken lollipops. Chicken lollipops are savory lollipops that are known worldwide for its piquant taste and pleasing flavours. Chicken lollipops are essentially a frenched chicken winglet, wherein the meat is carefully cut loose from the bone end and shaped to create an appearance similar to lollipops. In order to make chicken lollipops, you need to first cut the chicken, then toss the pieces in a pan and finally cook them with seasonings and sauces.

In less than a day, we all will be stepping into the New Year which means it’s officially going to be party time. Rustle up some chicken lollipops for house parties. Here are three tips and tricks that will help you cook like a master chef at home.

1. Always use fresh chicken

Whenever you are making chicken lollipops at home, make sure you use fresh chicken. Using fresh chicken to make the lollipops helps in easing out the process of cutting because it is usually more tender than usual. Also, avoid using frozen chicken to make chicken lollipops.

2. Evenly coat the chicken in the batter

Coating the chicken well from each and every side is one of the important steps while cooking chicken lollipops. Be careful while coating and make sure you don’t overcoat the batter over your lollipops. Always add a few tablespoons of cornflour in the batter as it acts as the perfect binding agent.

3. Never fry the chicken lollipops at high flame

Once the oil is heated, toss the chicken lollipops on low-medium flame. Never fry them at high flame otherwise there are chances you might ruin the taste. To avoid overcooking and burning your chicken lollipops, it's always advisable that you fry them in oil at low flame.  

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