How To Make Burritos? 3 Helpful Tips And Tricks You Should Know

Whenever we talk about Mexican cuisine, burritos and tacos are the top two dishes that instantly come to our minds. So today, let’s keep our yummy tacos aside and talk about our beloved burritos. Burrito is a tantalizing dish consisting of a flour tortilla wrapped in a sealed cylindrical shape around various ingredients. They are generally wrapped around the goodness of meat such as chicken, beef and mutton or fresh and colourful veggies. Condiments like salsa sauce, mayonnaise or tomato sauce are also used to pack it with bursts of savoury flavours. We are all well aware of how tricky it can be to eat burritos for some, but its making is more problematic. 

Here are some tips that will surely help you ace your homemade burritos perfectly.  

Choose your filling wisely

Tasty stuffing is something we want in our homemade burritos. The question is, what kind of a filling is perfect for adding in between the tortilla wrap. Well, you are free to fill it with everything you like, from veggies, rice, beans, cheese to chicken. Just remember to avoid using any stuffing that can quickly make your burrito soggy. 

Spice it up

Seasoning and spicing up the burritos are always fun. It makes our burritos flavorful and extra delicious. Use different sauces and spice them with as many spices as you wish. Also, don’t forget to cover your burritos in a salsa sauce to give it an authentic Mexican touch. 

Roll it carefully

The most challenging part about making burritos is rolling it up. Most people feel that rolling is a pretty tricky or complicated task. Use both your hands to roll and always start by picking the corner and then gently continue doing the same until it's completely wrapped. Start the whole process again if you feel like the stuffing is spilling out. Once rolled, hold the burritos for a while to ensure it remains solid. 

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