How To Make Bread Rasmalai: 3 Tips To Get It Right
Image Credit: Picture credits: Instagram Image By @blendofspicesbysara

As much as one likes to savour the rich taste of a dessert, most of us do not really enjoy making it at home. That said, rasmalai is one such decadent sweet dish which is delicious and easy to prepare in your kitchen. Rasmalai is a rich, creamy and flavorful dessert prepared using flattened balls of cheena soaked in cottage cream and  flavoured with a hint of cardamom, saffron and nuts. Surprisingly, this delightful dessert can also be made with bread too. The method of making bread rasmalai is similar to that of the original. The only difference being that one doesn’t have to go through the laborious task of making flattened balls using cheena. All you have to do is take a few slices of bread, shape it and finally mix it into rabdi. Craving some already? Here are three easy tips and tricks to ace it with perfection:

Use fresh bread 

Always use fresh slices of bread instead of stale ones to make bread rasmalai at home. You may use any type of bread such as brown bread, multigrain or white bread. We suggest you make it with white bread as it will give a much more gossy yet creamier look to it. If you wish to give it a healthier twist, you can use brown bread. 

Let the bread to soak in rabdi

Once you are done shaping the bread slices into small balls, it is time for dipping them in a creamy pan or bowl of rabdi. Leave the balls in the rabdi for at least half an hour so that it absorbs all the flavours well before it is ready to serve. 

Flavour it well

The last step is flavouring your homemade rasmalai with spices, nuts and raisins. For that, use cardamom powder, saffron and garnish it with different nuts and raisins as per your choice. Also, drizzle some rosewater for some extra rich taste. 

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