How To Make Beef Stroganoff: 3 Tips To Cook This Russian Delicacy
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The popularity of Russian delicacies can be seen and felt throughout the world. Beef stroganoff is the one of the well-known Russian dishes that has won millions of hearts since the time it originated. It is prepared by sauteing pieces of beef and smothering it in a rich and velvety sour cream sauce. This dish was invented in the mid-19th century and was named after one of the members of the influential Stroganov family. It wasn’t the family that discovered this dish, but the chefs who worked for them. Beef stroganoff is now a comfort food that can be made with over hundreds of variations. Make your own beef stroganoff using these tips to ace it the first time. 

Cut The Beef Into Cubes 

To make this dish, you have to always start by cutting the beef into small cubes using a sharp knife. The meat for the dish can also be cut into different ways such as by dicing it into strips. There is no hard and fast rule that the beef must only be cut into cubes. You can cut it anyway you like but be careful while dicing.  

Make A Flavorful Sour Cream Gravy 

The sour cream gravy forms the base of this dish so it is necessary to make a flavorful sour cream using the right ingredients. Always use fresh curd for making a sour cream gravy/sauce. Sour cream helps in tenderising the beef and gives it a better texture. 

Marinate The Beef Overnight 

Marinating the beef before and leaving it overnight can allow the beef to coat well with spices and sauces. Leaving the beef overnight is not the part that is not a must but if you are making beef stroganoff for the first time then this can help the beef to develop more flavours and turn out more flavorful.  

Addition Of Veggies Is Optional 

If you look at most authentic recipes for making beef stroganoff, you will find that veggies are generally not used. In fact, when beef stroganoff was invented back in the day, there was mention of veggies in the recipes. However, these days veggies have also become a part of the dish so you can use it if you want,  

Serve With Noodles

Beef stroganoff is generally served with noodles that go perfectly with it and makes the dish more fulfilling. Besides noodles, pasta is also a great accompaniment to beef stroganoff. Choose your favourite and enjoy. 

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