How To Make Aloo Paratha; 3 Ways To Make It At Home

Mention parathas and the first few options on your mind would definitely have the staple aloo paratha. Isn’t it? And that is all we need to instantly start salivating. The Punjabi flat-bread stuffed with a spiced potato mix is a delight when served topped with a dollop of butter and a side of pickle. It is no less than a sensation across the country, especially in north India. Many people across Delhi, UP and Punjab prefers this as their morning meal as well. Team it with a refreshing raita, pickle or spicy gravy and you are good to go. If you eat or make parathas regularly, you would know that you can practically stuff anything in a paratha, from rice, dal, halwa, to paneer, but there is something about heavenly about a soft and greasy aloo paratha that makes it one of the most favoured Indian meals of all time. Moreover, it is one of the quickest, easiest meals you can put together. It can be even be made with leftover aloo.  

And if you are someone new to the cooking world, but love noshing upon piping hot aloo parathas, don’t worry we’ve got your back. You can make an aloo paratha as simple or as elaborate as you like. A simple one can be just some mashed aloo with a handful of spices stuffed inside while an elaborate can have anything from coriander leaves, paneer, methi to even minced meat to accompany potatoes. So yes, you can experiment to no end. And to help you do that, here are three aloo paratha recipes you can try. 

1. Punjabi Style Aloo Paratha 

One of the most common, simple aloo paratha made with a mix of potato with garam masala, red chilli powder, green chillie, anardana, ginger, etc. Pair this classic with dahi, raita or achaar with dollops of butter for a wholesome meal. 

2. Methi Aloo Paratha 

Give your paratha a seasonal touch in the winter season with the addition of fresh fenugreek (methi) leaves to the potato stuffing. Not only does methi lend a unique flavour, it also comes with a whole lot of health benefits. 

3. Cheesy Carrot Aloo Paratha 

How about giving a cheesy spin to your parathas? This cheese carrot and aloo paratha brings in a unique crunch of carrot and a creamy goodness of cheese to the staple aloo parathas. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?