Some Eggsquisite Egg Sandwiches That Will Make Mornings Easy
Image Credit: Pixabay, Look at this runny egg sandwich!

“Eat breakfast like a king”, they say. Do you follow this rule in your life? Well, I definitely do. Eggs are a great source of protein and provide a boost of energy to the body that keeps it active all day. It is also believed to develop muscle and bone strength and give a nourishing start to the day. Born in a Punjabi family, the usual assumption is that I would love to eat parathas with dollops of butter on top. However, the opposite is true. I’m not an ardent fan of stuffed Indian parathas and would opt for a light sandwich any day. My fascination for sandwiches is so much that I end up eating them for at least four to five times in a week. 

Now, if I’m having a sandwich it can’t be simply bread and butter every day. That would get too boring. My mother and I come up with creative ways to spruce up our sandwiches each morning. From carrots to cucumbers, we slice and chop several veggies to be slathered onto the bread. On some days, when we have some shredded chicken in the fridge, we mix it with some mayonnaise and season it with salt and black pepper to make a sandwich spread. My mother used to complain that I won’t get enough nutrition because of this and won’t eat eggs. 

So she came up with this brilliant egg sandwich that I love to this date. It involved mashing boiled eggs in loads of butter and a dash of salt and pepper. After mixing it well, it is spread on the slice and the sandwich is grilled in a sandwich maker. It is a simple, tasty and easy recipe. If you also liked this recipe, then we’ve got some more for you right here. 

1.  Chutney Egg Sandwich 

Give your egg sandwich a desi touch with a spoon of that mint and coriander chutney. This double-decker sandwich begins with chutney on the base, carrots and bell peppers next and sliced and boiled eggs on top. This is done twice to make a huge sandwich. 

2.  Fried Egg Sandwich 

As the name suggests, the star of this sandwich is the fried egg. Runny yolks are pressed between slices of crispy bacon and spinach leaves. This is then slathered with mayonnaise, toasted and eaten. 

3.  Curried Egg Sandwich 

The eggs are scrambled and mixed with mayonnaise and salt. Some sprouts and chives are sprinkled on it and this is spread on the bread. Finally, your open-face sandwich is ready.