3 Easy Tips To Keep Fruit Chaat Fresh At Home
Image Credit: Freepik.com

Do you drool over potato chaat, papdi chaat or mixed chaat? Yes obviously! I mean, who can hate these yummy snacks? But why not shift towards something healthy during summers. I purposely include fruit chaat in my diet to keep my digestive system healthy. It's pretty easy to make, but people find it challenging to keep it fresh for a few hours or days. If you also want to make chaat but fear getting spoiled in no time, it won't happen now. Because with this article, we will tell you some tips by which you can easily keep fruit chaat fresh for a long time.

  1. Use of juicy fruit: There are not many reasons for the spoilage of fruit chaat. One of these is to cut juicy fruits at the wrong time and use them in chaat. For example, papaya, orange, and watermelon tend to rot quickly and spoil the taste of chaat. Therefore cut these fruits and include them in the chaat only when you sit down to eat. All fruits can be cut, kept separately, and mixed while eating. 
  2. When to use salt in chaat? There is a right time to add salt to any chaat. Add salt to your chaat just before consumption, as the salt starts to release water spoiling the taste soon. If there is excessive chaat, you can keep it in the fridge or any other cool place without adding salt to it. This keeps the chaat safe for many days.
  3. How to pack fruit chaat? If you want to pack fruit chaats, do not cut fruits beforehand. For example, cut or peel apples, bananas and oranges while including them in the chaat. If cut beforehand, they become rotten or black. Carry chaat masala or rock salt along with you to put it while eating. 

Benefits of eating fruit chaat   

There are many great benefits of eating fruit chaat as it keeps the digestive system intact. Its consumption also keeps weight under control and improves Vitamin-C deficiency.