How To Grow Avocado In Your Home Garden? A Comprehensive Guide
Image Credit: Unsplash

Nutritious avocados give an instant taste boost to a wide variety of recipes. There's no shortage of avocado dishes to explore, whether your palate is for avocado tacos or a tasty salad. Even though purchasing a few avocados from your neighbourhood store might seem like a no-brainer, there's still a good chance you might think about cultivating your own avocado plant.

Enjoying the numerous advantages of this stunning houseplant only requires following a few easy measures. See the information below on how to cultivate and tend to your avocado plant. It's also a great kid-friendly project, particularly if they like working on gardening tasks.

Avocado Planting Guide

If you offer avocado trees a bright, sunny area to receive full sun, they can grow well indoors. Like other citrus plants, they thrive in the year-round warmth and consistent humidity of indoor spaces. They do, however, grow swiftly, so you'll want to think about finding a location with plenty of area to develop.

The seed of an avocado plant may be used to create more plants, much like a papaya houseplant that develops swiftly from an accessible seed. The big brown pit of an avocado is the seed. Here's how to nurture your houseplant avocado:

  • Put three toothpicks into an avocado seed and hang it over a glass of water with the broad end down to sprout.
  • Wet the seed to a depth of approximately one inch.
  • Store it somewhere warm, out of direct sunlight.
  • Within two to six weeks, the seed ought to germinate.
  • When the new plant reaches 6 inches, trim it back to 3 inches to promote deeper, more robust roots.
  • After the stem has produced new leaves and the roots have thickened, place the seed in a pot with a diameter of around 10 inches, leaving half of the seed exposed above the dirt. Verify that the pot has a hole for drainage.

Other Important Factors:

Once you are done planting the seed, here are the other factors that you need to pay attention to:

Full Light

Avocado plants, like banana trees, want full sun—ideally, six to eight hours of direct sunshine. Although potted indoor plants may withstand some shadow, they usually want the brightest available location. If you are starting from a seed, you may keep it on a windowsill in the light until the roots begin to grow and the first leaves appear.

Artificial Grow Light

For avocado trees to develop healthily and eventually bear fruit, they need direct sunshine. If you want to see fruit on your tropical tree indoors, you will need to supplement the sunshine with an artificial grow light because indoor sunlight is less direct and insufficient for these kinds of plants.


Although avocado trees are tropical trees, they can withstand winter lows of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point their development will stall. They like the humidity to be at a steady 50%.

Sufficient Watering

When the soil seems completely dry to the touch, water the plant. Avocado plants require constant moisture, but never too much, and proper drainage is crucial. Keep an eye out for leaf yellowing, which indicates an excess of water.


The requirements for fertiliser are very different for indoor and outdoor avocado plants and trees. During the growth season, fertilise your avocado houseplant weekly to monthly with a modest amount of water-soluble food to maintain its rich green leaves.

Air Flow

Because avocado plants require chilly nights in order to bear fruit, you might want to install a fan next to the tree to provide some airflow. This will replicate the avocado tree's preferred chilly evenings.


Because avocado plants are capable of self-pollination, fruit can develop without the need for two trees. To discharge the pollen, you might find it useful to give your indoor tree a little shake.