How To Enjoy A Literal Feast At The Jaipur Literature Festival
Image Credit: Appams at The Library, Clarks Amer, Jaipur. All photos courtesy the writer

ARE YOU AT the Jaipur Literature Festival this year? Given the list of speakers and sessions, your literary appetites will surely be sated. But if you're wondering how to keep the more literal sort of hunger at bay, we’ve got you covered. Of course, the ever-reliable Pushkari chai, served in a kulhad from an iridescent bicycle carrying litres of masala chai, is going to be waiting for you as you dash from one venue to another. But if you want to go beyond the food stalls (yes, the ones by the festival’s friends aka sponsors), we suggest you explore the iconic hotel that JLF takes place in.

Clarks Amer, Jaipur's first five-star hotel, is situated close to the airport. It's been the home of the Jaipur Literature Festival for three years now. And it does have four outlets to eat at, hiding in plain sight. Here's where you can grab a bite or a drink whenever you get a breather from the whirlwind that is JLF:

Ta Blu

One of the oldest bar lounges in the city, Ta Blu is located on the eighth floor of Clarks Amer. With hues of Jodhpur blue in the background, Ta Blu offers the best of both the worlds: Rajasthani delicacies and modern cocktails. The best time of the day to visit Ta Blu is during sunset or at night. You can gorge on not only mutton galouti kebabs that melt in your mouth, but also the gorgeous views from the rooftop lounge. The sights range from the winter sunset to even a bird's eye view of the Jaipur Music Stage, a crucial part of the Jaipur Literature Festival. As you unwind at the end of a hectic day, you can leisurely sip on your Hot Toddy while taking in the chilly breeze, and the cosy warmth from the sigri they place next to your table. Also, don't miss the gajar ka halwa before calling it a night: it's piping hot, drowning in pure ghee, and a taste of heaven. 

PS: If you have it in you to brave the cold, you could also try their newly opened extension on the ninth floor — Ta Blu 2.0. It's a swankier, bigger (and bluer) version.

The Goose

Located on the ground floor of Clarks Amer, right next to the lobby, is this North Indian restaurant. It's a tiny space with three tables, but more intimate, also courtesy the rosy pink light it's bathed in. It's the place where you can try Rajasthan's speciality, Laal Maas — chunks of mutton in a gravy made of smoky Mathania chillies and ghee. Sure, it's spicy, but you can douse the fire with their special Dal Bukhara, made of black gram with a heavy dose of cream. And if that doesn't help, there's always rasmalai. The one at The Goose is served in just the right quantity, with the right sweetness, and most importantly, at the right temperature. 

You can visit The Goose for either lunch or dinner. If it's at night, you get the rosy light, and if it's during the day, you can enjoy the company of white geese chilling in the backyard. Yes, that's where the restaurant's name comes from!


It's hands down our favourite pick of the lot. And the best part? It's open 24x7. So if you skipped dinner because of the Jaipur Music Stage, it’s Zolocrust to the rescue. Facing the hotel lobby on the ground floor, Zolocrust has something for everyone. For kids, there's a playing area in the corner — and even free fruits to take away on the counter. Caffeine (and tea) lovers, you have an array of options to choose from — be it cappuccino or chamomile tea. If you're considering a dessert to accompany your coffee, we strongly recommend the choco-walnut pie. And if you're hungry, there are very few places that do pizza as well as Zolocrust does. Thin crust to Neapolitan, each pizza carries a distinct Zolo-stamp. Plus, a bubbly lemon iced tea to wash down the bread, cheese and veggies — and you're sorted.

The Library

Before we jump to the last one, we must let you know that this option isn’t available for the five days of the Jaipur Literature Festival. It serves as the Speakers Lounge at that time so access is restricted. But in case you arrive in the city early or stay back, you can visit this South Indian specialty restaurant before 1st February and after 5th February. With appams that melt in your mouth to a sumptuous thali with avial, brown rice, podi, dried red chillies (and masala butter milk to wash down every bite) dining here is well worth the little bit of extra planning it needs.