Ways To Clean Dirty And Rusty Kitchen Objects
Image Credit: Dirty And Rusty Kitchen Objects (shutterstock.com)

The central part of the smart kitchen is the trolley that helps keep the items organised. We efficiently keep things like bins, utensils etc., in different parts of the kitchen trolley. Although it does not need to be cleaned daily, it should be done every 3 to 4 months. Otherwise, it leads to fungus formation. Many people complain that their kitchen trolley is dirty and rusty. In such a situation, we will tell you some methods through which the kitchen trolley can be cleaned in minutes. This will make it shine like new and eliminate problems like fungus and rust.

Cleaning the kitchen trolley

For cleaning the kitchen trolley, make a paste by mixing 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon baking soda, 1 teaspoon dishwashing liquid and lemon juice in a bowl. Now scrub it off with a scrubber that washes dishes. The problem of both fungus and rust will go away because of the salt. You can also use a brush instead of a scrubber and wipe it with a dry cloth. If you want, you can wash it with water too, but immediately expose it to sunlight. Remember that there should not be a drop of water in the kitchen trolley. Otherwise, it may rust.

Applying oil to the kitchen trolley

If the kitchen trolley is completely clean, you can use coconut oil in cotton to bring shine to it. Put a few drops of coconut in the cotton and apply it to the whole trolley. This will not rust quickly and will also increase the brightness of the trolley. You can also use mustard oil instead of coconut oil. At the same time, take special care of the quantity while using it. After oiling, leave the trolley outside for some time and after a 1-hour shift, put it in the box.

Cleaning the kitchen trolley once a month

The kitchen trolley should not be wet. After washing the dishes, many women immediately shift them to the trolley, beginning to fear rusting. Apart from this, it also causes fungus due to the moisture in the monsoon. So, it is necessary to take these kitchen trolleys out and clean them at least once a month. If you want, you can clean one by one, and it will be convenient for you.

Takeaway tips

  1. Do not keep wet utensils in a direct trolley; try to shift the utensils only after they are dry.
  2. To keep the trolley from moisture during monsoon, do regular cleaning with a dry cotton cloth so that it does not rust and there will be no water stains.

Try these methods if your kitchen trolley has been lying dirty for months.