Buying fruits? Nah, it's not a big deal. But for some people, it is. Whether the fruit is of good quality, fresh or old, you can assess it all just by looking at it. If the fruit is fresh, you gain; otherwise, you are just inviting some tummy troubles. Eating rotten fruits can not only cause diseases but will also cost you money. To save you from these troubles, we are telling you the right way to buy fruits. If you do not know what things need to be taken care of, these tips will come in handy.


Apples are available every season, but they should be mainly eaten from August to October. Do you know that the apples you buy and eat come from cold storage throughout the year? By the way, the identity of a good apple will be its good smell and no chemical layer on its peel. Tips for buying apples:

  1. Do not buy the apple which looks withered in appearance or has stains.
  2. The apple, which looks brighter and shinier, is most likely to have a thick layer of wax on it. If you rub the peel on top, then you will know how old it is.


These days injected bananas are being sold in the market in large numbers. An injection is being used to ripen raw bananas overnight. To avoid such deception, you must know what to keep in mind while buying a banana. Banana is readily available in the market throughout the year. Both its demand and supply are very high, so while buying a banana, keep in mind that it is not flabby, does not have spots, and smells fresh.


Watermelon is available in the market during the summer season from April to June. Everyone believes that the redder the watermelon, the sweeter it will be. Therefore, while buying watermelon, keep in mind that it should be heavy. Not only this, but by tapping the watermelon, you can learn from its sound. If there is a hollow voice, then do not buy such watermelon.


Grapes are available in the market from October to June. The grapes, which are golden-green in appearance, will be sweeter and healthier. It is well known that grapes have antioxidant properties and get a lot of benefits from eating them. Also, if you are buying black grapes, the darker the colour, the better it is for your antioxidants intake.


The mango season in India comes in summer. You can understand whether the mango is fresh or not just by looking at its skin. You can also tell by the mango's fragrance whether it is sweet or rotten. So, while buying any fruit, you must smell it.